Explorer 2.0

Explorer app is designed keeping in mind of the people who love to travel but also would love to see and share other people experiences. It gives them an option to follow on a path which someone has already done or chose to make their own path for the journey.

Explorer is a social travelling app, where you can share and plan your travel journey. The goal is to reduce the efforts of planning. When traveling you need to collect a lot of information, the main attractions, currency required, transportation etc.
All this information can done via the Explorer app.
You can even set up calendar updates and plan you journey withing the application so that you are well prepared for yor journey.

Personas And User Flows
For better understanding of users who I am designing for, I created personas based on our users. This personas guided through the development process, helping me focusing on problem that I was solving.
The main goal was to keep the biggest focus on the user task flows. Teh main goal wanted to provide a better user experience, by breaking down required informations and actions to achieve the task. If we could acheve this, it will help us to understand the current system and its information flows.

UI Design

It took about 2 weeks to create all the designs, along with a couple of iterations with the UI style.
It was a well thought and planned project  and the desing represents a well-thought-out UX.
Landing Page

The UI/UX of a landing pages is also an art. It talks about the users and their needs. This understanding allows us to create design elements and write the copy that connects with the to the user and immediately conveys what’s in it for them.
Before creating the page, we need to ask ask ourself, numerous questions:
• Will the information on the landing page be intereing for the user?
• Does it represt the product in a language that the targeted user needs?
• Will it make the user curious about the app and help them to lear more about the product?

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