Problem Statement
As small business owners, inventory is the lifeline of business and in order to fulfill all the demands of your customers, you need to have the right tool, which lets you connect with various sales channels and order fulfillment tools.  
You found the right tool but now you have to learn it. Hours and hour of setting up, uploading products into the system, back and forth with customer support team when getting stuck and at the same time keep your business running.  
In order to solve this problem, I connected with our sales and support team and listened to customer call and figure out what would be the best customer experience and how can we help out customer onboard and learn about the product in the most efficient and simplest manner, it is more like a self-service. 
Objective: Is to make product on-boarding simple and easy for end users
Role: UX and Visual Design 
Onboarding Wireframe
As soon as a task is complete, it moves to the back of the page and shows up with a checkmark as complete. This way you will always see the tasks which are incomplete at the front of the page.

The actual onboarding process happens on the main screen and you can access the progress from the top right corner.
After the launch of the solution, support call rates went down by 23% over the period of 2 months. They further went down to 30% in the next 4 months. The onboarding tool was not just only available to new customers, but also to existing customers.

Next Steps
Adding step by step video tutorials within the individual task so as to make it further simpler for them to learn.
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